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Our flagship offer. It combines sporting, exploratory and cultural experiences. We will move around in the Upper Svaneti region, i.e. settlements such as Mestia, Hashkili, Zabeshi and Adishi. It is a hybrid ride, we will climb peaks and ridges both on our own forces and with the help of off-road vehicles and chair lifts. The elevations of our tracks and the altitudes on which we will be are so large that you would not be able to see everything we have prepared for you in one week. We invite you to learn more the detailed plan, but the possibilities in the region are so great that if necessary, we can change the routes from day to day.

Detailed schedule:

Day 1

Transfer - we pick you up with your equipment at the airport. Depending on the landing time of your plane, you will be able to shopping in Kutaisi or Zugdigi. If it doesn't work out, you will do your shopping the next day in Mestia. The way to our base is about 240 km and unfortunately takes about 5 hours. Why? For the most part it runs in a mountain environment, writhing on the slopes of the mountains, not allowing for a fast ride. After arrival you will have a meal and accommodation in a guesthouse.

Day 2

You will be exhausted after the trip so this day we will help you with the chairlift. We will start with breakfast and a short briefing. After that we will go to Hatsvali ski lift, which will take us to about 2350m. At the last station of the cable car you can enjoy views of all the surrounding mountains, from Ushba, Laila to Tetnuldi. In good visibility we can see a lot more of the main Caucasian mountain range stretching on the horizon. We planned to go downhill on a not technically demanding but fast and watchful route, through the settlement of Hashkili. If time allows, we will try to get the intermediate station again and this time we will go down to the accommodation itself. We finish with dinner.

Day 3

This time we would like to show you the lakes of Koruldi where we can get from the east side by driving up on our own. We plan to go downhill directly to Mestia on the southern slopes of the massif. We start from the ceiling of 1500m, we finish the climb at about 2700m. From there, initially through pastures with not too demanding inclination we will reach the forest floor, where the route will disappear into the thicket, wandering around in a narrow single up to the Mestia itself. Riding without the aid of machines, that's why it will be quite demanding in terms of condition. The day will end with dinner.

Day 4

Breakfast followed by options depending on your preferences. If you feel up to it, the beginning of the route will be very similar to the previous day. We will take the route to Koruldi but we will not go there only with steep traverses (carrying bicycles on our backs) to the Guli Pass from where after an exciting descent to the village of Mazeri. There will be a car waiting, which will take us to the guesthouse for dinner. The Mestia-Mazeri route is a trekking route, quite demanding, as the pass is located at about 2950m. From here it will be necessary to bring in the bikes to reach the goal! If we decide that this is too much in the morning we will pack up and leave things in the technical car and we will drive ourselves again under Hatsvali, we will take the lift and the route will lead to the east, initially ridge up to the summit of Zuruldi (2455m), where the sections of technically difficult descents and short climbs we will find ourselves on the Ugviri Pass (1911m). From there we will take a simple road to the guesthouse in Zabeshi settlement where dinner and stuff left in the morning will be waiting for us.

Day 5

After breakfast we will go to the area where we were heading the previous day. This time we will use road transport. There will be not much ride up, 200-300 meters of elevation. The exit will lead us to the Adishi villlage from where the car will pick us up. If we have enough time and strength, we can try to repeat the ride but with another descent to our guesthouse in Zabeshi. At the end of the day have a dinner.

Day 6

In the morning, after breakfast, we can attack the area around the Tetnuldi ski resort and perform at least two epic downhill runs with car support. If the group expect, we can move to the other side going down in the direction of Adishi where we have some interesting options. The highest points that we predict are around 2600m. The day will end with a great but very difficult single. Regardless of the chosen option, the day will be not as demanding as technically, carrying the bike on certain sections is not a shame in this case. Finally, dinner and accommodation.

Day 7

After breakfast we will clean the bikes and prepare them for flight. If your departure takes place late in the evening, there is a possibility to do one more short route, which we will arrange together. After lunch there will be a transfer to the airport.



Costs of participation:

549 euro/person


Price includes: 

  • transfers listed in the specific schedule (Kutaisi Airport - Mestia - Zabeshi - Kutaisi Airport)

  • accommodation (6 nights in guesthouses, 2-3 person rooms with shared bathroom)

  • meal according to the program (breakfast and dinner)

  • guide - every riding day

  • ski lifts according to schedule

  • all others transfers to and from drop place


Price does not include:

  • tickets for flight to Kutaisi where the event starts

  • insurance

  • drinks not served with meals

  • physical condition of the participants

  • weather, although August and September are the most stable


Available dates:

  • 20.08-27.08

  • 17.09-24.09

If You have other dates just contact with us, we try to suit to You. Check our tips & news site for help.

An advance payment of EUR 200 is required.


4-6 person groups




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