Full-day ski tours in Svaneti, not only for experienced ski alpinists

Mestia – Koruldi – Mestia

The tour starts basically from anywhere in the Mestia. The approach road has several possible variants, but generally it is not difficult. However, it requires good condition and technique of ascent because the first part of it runs quite steep and dense forest. Heading from the town to the north we take the right approach road and then from the ceiling of 1450m we make the elevation to 2150 where the forest ends. There is a characteristic cross overlooking Mestia but this is not the end of our skitour. We continue to reach the altitude, the terrain becomes open and technically simple. From the left we pass Cloud Base Hut, which was built not so long ago, the views become stunning. Banguriani from the right, somewhere in front Ushba. We reach the level of Koruldi lakes 2650-2700m, covered with snow. From here we have two options, the first one is to approach the ridge at 3300 m (avalanche threatened southern exhibition with a slope of 30-35 degrees) or return. We return partly by the same road, then reflecting on the snow fields descending to the east. After descending to the level of 1600m where the off-road car awaits us, we return to the starting point.

Mestia- Koruldi – Chaaladi Glacier – Mestia

It is a much more difficult variant and requires very good physical strenght and skills. The course of the trip is similar to the above over Koruldi but we do not return by the same road, but from the pass at 3300 m we ski down to the north. The way down does not lead exactly along the Chaaladi glacier, after crossing the pass we turn right and go down the valley to the end face of the Chaaladi glacier, avoiding dangerous places and potential crevasses. However, there are still a lot of steep slopes left. The whole trip takes a day until dusk because we have to overcome 1800m (!) up and about 1700m down, where the descent sometimes takes almost an hour, which is just fine. We have to arrange off-road car, which will take us to Mestia. A great trip for experienced and well-prepared skiers!

Zhumari – Chizdhi Pass – Zhumari

Great ski tour, although it begins much below Mestia but you can find full facilities in a tiny village Zhumari. The road starts from 1400m and ends at the Chizdhi Pass - about 3100m. We are able to make this tour in one day but there is an option to spend the night in shepherd's huts, where we can make a deposit and prepare for next day. When we are in hut we can ski few times from nearest colouirs as well. We start in the village but a few minutes later we are in the forest, where the path leads us to an altitude of about 2200m where we find shelters. But this is not the end of our journey. We have a one kilometer (!) of elevation to the Chizdhi Pass. Unfortunately, reaching the pass in winter is not easy, it depends very much on the avalanche danger which is unfortunately high jus under pass. We can always check another options in the area.

Mazeri - Guli - Mazeri 

Another interesting trip in the shadow of Ushba. First we have to get to the village of Mazeri, in winter without an off-road car it can be difficult. From Mestia we head in the direction of Becho and turn from the main road to Mazeri. From Mazeri we get to the pass or to the Guli ridge. Western exhibitions under the ridge tend to be avalanche so we have to take the approach way carefully. We can't aproach along the summer variant to the pass. We should ski up along the ridge, and then on pass ski south towards the summit of Gul. From there, look for a convenient exit road that will lead you to a stream along which you can get to Mazeri in the final stage of the exit valley. The option of approaching the Guli Pass from Mestia is very risky in winter, southern slopes below Koruldi are very avalanche and traversing them can be fatal in consequences.