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Slightly underestimated region of Georgia remaining in the shadow of Tusheti or Upper Svaneti. Unjustly, because we discovered a paradise for fans of strong mountain biking. A pure mountain biking adventure. We start every day from the accommodation and end the same way - all on our own. Our main starting point will be the village of Lentekhi on the way to the Upper Svaneti, located at an altitude of 750-800m. Lentekhi is a small settlement squeezed in between the mountains and now has about a thousand permanent residents. The last full day will be spent in the area of the Akshi plateau, halfway between Lentekhi and Kutaisi. We ride in small groups, maximum 6 people.

Detailed schedule:

Day 1

Transfer - we pick you up with your equipment at the airport. Depending on the landing time of your aircraft, you will be able to shop in a larger supermarket. If it doesn't work out, we'll do the shopping in Lentekhi. The journey to our base is about 100 kilometers and takes less than two hours. When you arrive, you will be accommodated in a guesthouse, build your bikes, have a dinner.

Day 2

First thing in the morning, after breakfast and short briefing, we start into the mountains. Today we will have to cover about 21 km of the route with the highest point of Lamazi Mountain 2406m. The loop we have planned for you will have almost everything, from technically difficult forest sections to meadows and rocky trails. Above the border of the forest we can see the views of the surrounding massifs, including the Svaneti Range, and further behind it the main ridge of the Great Caucasus. Dinner will be at guesthouse.

Day 3

Breakfast and then climbing in the east direction with the Nalish massif. The climb will end under the peak of Tekali (3043m). It is not possible to go to the top, we will turn off the top of about 2500m. The descent will lead you first through the pasture and then in a dense forest. This day we will not miss technically difficult turns and rocky thresholds. In the case of humid ground we will have additional difficulties. We finish with dinner.

Day 4

Destination for today will be Skaldi Monastery. We start just after breakfast. Today we will treat the day a bit relaxed, although we can't miss the difficult routes. We will move to the top of the road passable for cars 4x4, technically simple but with a lot of elevation. We are planning the final of our trip at an altitude of 2200m. From there we will go down a narrow path, rarely used even by cattle. The all day, depending on a few options for downhill ride, should close in 20 kilometres. Dinner in guesthouse.

Day 5

After breakfast we will go up the mountain Diuristavi (2667m) and just after reaching the goal we will go down the ridge Dziewash until the evening. As on the first day of our adventures we will be accompanied by narrow paths with phenomenal views of the surrounding peaks. In good weather we will be able to see the highest mountains of the Caucasus, including Ushba, Tetnuldi and maybe even Elbrus. The day will end with dinner.

Day 6

In the morning, after breakfast, we will pack up into a bus and go to the village of Zubi, where we will leave our unnecessary things in the guesthouse. From there we will start climbing to the Askhi plateau. After a 7-kilometre climb we will find ourselves on a plateu with a height of over 2000m, located in a depression between the surrounding peaks, reaching several hundred meters higher. An interesting fact is that the plateau falls in some places by vertical cliffs, reaching almost 500 meters in height. The trip will end with a descent from the plateau directly to our accommodation, where dinner will wait. The whole route is about 23 kilometers.


Day 7*

After breakfast we will clean the bikes and prepare them for flight. If your check-in will be late in the evening, you can go to the top of Khvamla, a mythological mountain with many legends. According to one of them, Prometheus was chained to the local rocks and his intestines feed on vultures to this day. From the top we will take a different road. After lunch there will be a transfer to the airport.

*The program of the day depends on the time of departure.


Costs of participation

449 euro/person


Price includes: 

  • transfers listed in the specific schedule (Kutaisi Airport - Lentekhi - Zubi - Kutaisi Airport)

  • accommodation (6 nights in guesthouses, 2-3 person rooms with shared bathroom)

  • meal according to the program (breakfast and dinner)

  • guide - every riding day


Price does not include:

  • tickets for flight to Kutaisi where the event starts

  • insurance

  • drinks not served with meals

  • physical condition of the participants

  • weather, although August and September are the most stable


Available dates:

  • 20.08-27.08

  • 17.09-24.09


The event starts with a minimum of 4 people. An advance payment of EUR 150 is required.


4-6 person groups




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