The aim of the expedition is to reach one (or two) of the three peaks of the highest peak of the Svaneti Range - Laila. It is an expedition for intermediate and advanced alpine skiers in good physical condition. Laila itself is not an excessively difficult mountain to get (in the Russian grade 1B), but the approach below it and the peak attack will be done from the level of the shepherd's hut, where we will create a base for a few days. The cottage is located at an altitude of about 2300 meters above sea level, which assumes the altitude of about 1700 meters. In addition, the ascent to the summit attack will require crossing the glacier and moving places in the exposed area (all with appropriate protection). Descent from the top is possible with a small level of avalanche danger and in case of objective threats, the top will be reached on foot, leaving the ski equipment below. The planned date (early spring) and the northern exhibitions maximize our chances of success of the expedition. This is a real high mountain expedition, allowing us to feel the taste of adventure in a less frequented, winter, harsh environment. We will sleep in boarding houses but also in a prepared shepherd's hut above the forest floor. Details can be found in the program below.

Detailed schedule:

Day 1

Arrival in Kutaisi. Transfer of the group to the town of Mestia, the winter tourist centre of the Upper Svaneti region. It can take up to six hours or more (depending on the conditions on the road) to get from the airport, despite the relatively short distance. In Mestia there are many options for excursions, both downhill skiing and real all-day skis without the help of chairlifts. Depending on the time of arrival at the guest house, dinner will be waiting for us. In case of late arrival of the participants, we plan to stay on the route in a hotel in Zugdidi city.

Day 2

Breakfast and then we'll go for a full day's ski tour. In our plans we have located at an altitude of 2700m plateu near the lakes Koruldi or higher, depending on the rest after the journey. The purpose of the trip is to break away and mutually check the functioning of the participants as a group, to remind the rules of safe movement in the field, joint avalanche exercises. The excursion will end with a descent with eastern exhibitions to the waiting off-road car, which will take us back to the guesthouse. In the evening we have dinner.

Day 3

We'll start with breakfast. We will treat this day a little more relaxed. In the morning you will be able to use the Tetnuldi ski lift, which we have to reach by car. We foresee time for skiing off the slopes with the assistance of ski lifts, the rest of the day we leave at the disposal of the participants, but early afternoon we will want to do some shopping. Dinner in a guest house in Mestia.

Day 4

We will start the action on Laila after breakfast. We will drive an off-road car to the village Zhumari. We will pack the necessary equipment and provisions and go for a two-hour "hard" approach to the hut on the border of the forest level. Probably after digging out the entrance, we will accommodate ourselves, prepare for camping and spend the rest of the day skiing, exploring the surrounding slopes. We will also check the snow conditions at the northern exhibitions. In the evening we will prepare dinner on our own. The cottage is equipped with a freestanding stove (the so-called goat), a supply of wood stored in the summer and basic utensils. We will have to take care of the heat and meals and drinks ourselves for the next few days. We sleep on bunks, so you will need warm sleeping bags and mats.

Day 5

Acclimatization day. We will prepare breakfast and go for a reconnaissance in the direction of the Chishdi Pass. We will create a trace to make the next day easier to get to the pass. We will check the snow conditions on the south side of the pass and if in doubt develop alternatives. Descent from the pass and another exit to the surrounding slopes. The valley offers many variants of short turns from 2300m to 3100m, which we will use this day. Return to the hut for dinner.

Day 6

This is the day of the summit attack. After you have prepared your own breakfast and packed yourself the previous day, you will follow the previously prepared route towards the summit. On the way we will cross the Chishdi Pass at an altitude of about 3100 meters. From there we will have to descend a few hundred meters to the front of the Laila glacier and then again on the seals we will start our ascent in the direction of the summit. The approach should be finished in about 8-9 hours from the start, but it depends on the pace and snow conditions and the necessary safety precautions. The descent from the top is demanding and feasible only with stable snow. Return on the same route to the cottage from where we will pick up things and go down in a few dozen minutes for dinner in Zhumari. Overnight stay with the hosts or drive to a guesthouse in Mestia. 


Day 7

Breakfast in the host house or guest house in Mestia. Afterwards, a tour trip down to the Chaaladi Glacier. Having a great acclimatization after the expedition to the Laila will be a great end to our adventures. Traditional Georgian supra in the evening.

Day 8

After breakfast we will go on our way to Kutaisi where we will see the most important monuments, including Bagrati Cathedral, do some souvenir shopping and then say goodbye at the airport. In case of an early flight we will have to miss a visit to Kutaisi. 


The cost of participation:

699 euro/person

Included in the package:

- transfers listed in the specific programme (Kutaisi Airport - Mestia - Zhumari - Mestia - Kutaisi Airport)

- any shuttle transfers required by the above program

- accommodation (4-5 nights in guesthouses, rooms 2-3 persons with bathroom, 2-3 nights in a shepherd's hut depending on the pace and weather. We assume the minimum number of nights in the cottage)

- gas, wood, camping kitchen

- meals according to the program (breakfast and dinner + meals prepared together in the cottage)

- the local guide plus the group leader at the summit of the Laila summit

- we have sets of skis + seals, in emergency situations (e.g. a malfunction) we will gladly make them available to participants. Group safety equipment is also provided (ice rope, ice screws).

- ski pass to Tetnuldi resort

Not included in the price:

- flight to Kutaisi where the party begins (if your flight arrives in Tbilisi we will tell you how to get to us)

- insurance (we suggest you buy a year-round PZU BP or Alpenverein covering all activities including sports considered extreme)

- drinks not served during meals and provisions for excursions

- the physical condition of the participants

- weather, we try to manage the days so that the weather affects the shares the least

- ABC avalanche set and skitour sets for the whole trip - can be rented from us 

- sleeping equipment in the cottage - sleeping bag and karimata and individual mountain equipment (harness, crampons, wait)

Dates available

We emphasize that the term is not rigid! If you have other suggestions, we will try to fit in with them. When establishing the plan we suggested WizzAir flights from Poland to Kutaisi.

The application is subject to advance payment of 250 euros. 


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Laila Peak Ski Touring Expedition (4008m )