Kazbek - a mountain that attracts a year like a magnet. Generally speaking, in the summer season it is a very crowded peak. In the building of Meteostancja at 3600m there are no empty accommodation places, around it there is a tent base. The situation is different in winter and early spring. Life under Kazbek is almost dying out, all traces of tourist activity are hidden deep under the feather of snow. For us, the best time to face this mountain on skis is early spring, when the rainfall is less, the sun operates longer and the snow cover is already stabilized and encourages movement on the seals. We would like to invite you to this mountain, just when it has the greatest charm, when there is no crowd and the conquest becomes more challenging. The whole sanctified descent from the highest possible point - with good conditions and a strong team, even from the very top. Let us remember this 5,000-metre peak, where conditions change radically in a few hours, the road to the summit is long and tiring, it leads along the glacier. The expedition is intended for people with at least good condition and correct skiing technique in the field. You do not need to have high-altitude experience, because with the participants go guides and in difficult moments we securate ourselves according to the art. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details.

Detailed schedule:

Day 1

Your arrival in Georgia, transfer to Gudauri, the largest and most modern ski resort in the country. Accommodation.

Day 2

Breakfast and then starting in the surrounding mountains. Of course, we plan a ski tour, but its length and difficulty level will depend on your well-being and strength. We anticipate on this day peaks and playing from 2500 to 3300m above sea level. There is also a possibility of riding on the trails of the Gudauri resort. Dinner is served.

Day 3

Breakfast and then drive to Gergeti, under the Church of the Holy Trinity (or Cminda Sameba) from the 14th century. This is the beginning of our expedition to Kazbek, we statute from an altitude of about 2200m above sea level and to overcome we have an acclimatization route to Meteostancji at 3653m. There we will make a deposit in the form of provisions for the next few days and then we will go to the starting point. At the same time we will get to know the area and check the variant of crossing and descent on the glacier. Dinner and overnight stay in the pension.

Day 4

Breakfast. After that the transfer to 2200m. a.s.l. and the approach on seals to Meteostancja at 3653m. We plan to stay there for the first time at this altitude. We will sleep on wooden bunks, so we require, among other things, warm sleeping bags (we will explain the details of the equipment to the participants). Dinner in the form of a self-prepared meal.

Day 5

Acclimatization output. After a self-prepared breakfast we go to the Otsveri Pass about 4200m above sea level. Return to the meteobase. This day we spend on adapting our organisms to the altitude and reconnaissance. The area of four thousand meters is no longer an overlap. Preparation of a meal after returning to the base.

Day 6

Peak attack! After a very early breakfast, we gather strength and push. We have a lot of meters of elevation to do. With skis we will go to the level of possible descent, then on foot in crampons. Generally, the last wall under the peak dome is quite steep, if snow conditions and strength allow, we will reach the summit and descend! If not, we will leave the ski equipment under the summit and climb in crampons. Dinner in Meteostasis after the descent. 

Day 7

Breakfast prepared by hand in the base near Kazbek. Plan for the day is to gather strength and go down to the waiting for us car 4x4. In the evening we plan to meet on Supra in Gergeti. There is a party, toasts and memories of achievements. Overnight stay in a guest house.

Day 8

After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport in Kutaisi/Tbilisi. Depending on the place of departure, we plan to visit the city and do some souvenir shopping.


Cost of participation:

719 euro/person

Included in the package:

- transfers listed in the specific programme (Kutaisi-Tbilisi-Tbilisi-Gudauri-Gergeti-Gergeti-Kutaisi airport)

- any shuttle transfers required by the above program

- accommodation (4 nights in guesthouses, 2-3 person rooms with bathroom, rest of the accommodation in Meteostasis)

- meals according to the program (breakfast and dinner + touring kitchen, gas)

- the local guide plus the leader of the group on the day of the summit attack

- we have at our disposal sets of light skis+foots/boots, in emergency situations (e.g. a malfunction) we will be happy to make them available to the participants, safety group equipment provided.

Not included in the price:

- flight to Kutaisi/Tbilisi where the event begins (we will tell you with tickets)

- insurance (we suggest you buy a year-round PZU BP or Alpenverein covering all activities including sports considered extreme)

- drinks not served during meals and provisions for an attack in the form of snacks

- the physical condition of the participants

- Weather, although we will choose our exits so as to take advantage of the conditions to the maximum.

- ABC avalanche sets and skitour sets for the whole trip - can be rented from us on preferential terms. Sleeping bags and individual mountain equipment (harness, crampons, waiting).

Available dates

The deadline is set in order to achieve the best possible conditions for climbing the mountain. If you have any other suggestions, we will try to match them, however, in this case it is only April. The plan was based on the dates of WizzAir flights from Poland to Kutaisi.



Ski Ascent and Descent from Kazbek Peak 5054m

group of 4-6 person




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